Stay safe using free Wi-Fi

Hackers are lurking on free wi-fi connections because if it is free to you, it is free to them. They can gather your passwords from any account you log into from social sites to your bank. Stay safe using these free wi-fi guidelines:

  1. Never log in to your bank account or make payment for anything.
  2. Check for the https prefix before the web address. The S shows that the connection is secure.
  3. Avoid using an app on your smartphone or tablet when on free wi-fi.
  4. Log out from websites you use. If you do not, a hacker could use the website in your name.
  5. Don’t use the same password for everything. A hacker on a free wi-fi network can get the password you are using and test it on other sites, even your bank.
  6. Change your passwords frequently.
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