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Residential Wood Floor Renew

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Wood Floor Care

Wood flooring is a large investment for your home and regular maintenance to that wood floor will help it stay beautiful, longer.

Wood Floor Maintenance

Regular maintenance of wood floors should include regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove abrasive soil and acidic and damaging liquids.  By not removing these contaminates from the floors on a regular basis, the long-term appearance will be lessened with scratching or dissolving the protective finish on the floor.  Some dirt and debris left on the floor will even scratch deep into the wood, potentially causing permanent or irreversible damage.

After the floor has been swept and all dirt and soil has been removed from the floor, a light moisture cleaning would be recommended.  Fill a good quality spray bottle that can squirt 3 to 5 feet and fill it with your manufacturer recommended cleaning solution.  Apply 3 to 4 squirts for every 4 to 8 square feet, then wipe and agitate with a clean microfiber flat mop.  Be sure to immediately remove any puddles or pooling of the cleaning solution.  For best results, immediately towel dry the floor, especially if your floor is a wood laminate or a softer wood.

Please call our office for our recommended wood floor cleaning products.  Squeaky by Basic Coatings is a great regular wood floor cleaning product.  Please check with your flooring manufacturer before using any liquid cleaning products on your floor.

Wood Floor Restoration Cleaning

Sometimes wood floors will become embedded with soil or heavily soiled and that may be too large of a project for you to handle on your own.  NO problem, call our team and we will do the work efficiently and with kindness, leaving your wood floors looking clear and clean again.

Our wood floor restoration cleaning process is FULL service and all you have to do is give us a call to set up a free in-home estimate.

See our Wood Floor cleaning page for more information.

Wood Floor Clean and Renew

After having your wood floor for 5-7 years, minor scratches and scuffs are increasingly visible. A deep clean and a new layer of protection will need to be applied.  This process goes by many names: Wood Floor Buff and Coat, Wood Floor Buffing, Wood Floor Renew, Wood Floor Dustless Refinishing, Wood Floor Refinishing, etc.  Also, the coating comes in many different varieties and names, such as Polyurethane, Varnish, Catalyzed Varnish, Urethane, Wood Floor Wax, Oil-based Polyurethane, etc.  There are thousands of products on the market, so which one is right for your floor?

We will give you a professional recommendation for the process and product that is right for you.  Why take a chance by using the wrong product or the wrong company?  At Bluegreen, we LIVE professionalism.



Our professional cleaning technicians are certified, on-time and courteous.

Proven Process

We know wood floors and we know clean. Our team will follow the proven process to screen and re-coat your wood floors either by a dustless process or the traditional screen and re-coat method.


Quick Dry Times

Our powerful water extraction methods and PowerDry technology result in dry times of hours rather than days minimizing the impact on daily life.



Our residential cleaning services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our 12 Step Wood Floor Renewing Process

  • Our technicians will do a pre-service inspection, confirm the work order, and add any last minute requests

  • Walk-off mats and corner guards are put into place to protect walls, corners, and furniture

  • Remove all furniture from the wood floor

  • Clean the wood floor with our specialized low-moisture wood floor cleaning Dirt Dragon using strong and effective cleaning solutions

  • Neutralize the wood floor to ensure the optimal pH for coating and renewing wood floors

  • Stain any spots where bare wood is present

  • Either screen the floor with a floor buffer or apply an adhesion promoter to make sure the product is most effective

  • Vacuum the wood floor with a HEPA vacuum and then use a sticky cloth to remove fine hairs and dust

  • Apply commercial grade wood floor finish with specialized catalytic hardener for a tough and durable floor

  • Once first coat is dry, apply a second coat within 20 hours, if necessary

  • Replace all furniture back on the wood floor the following day

  • Area rugs can be replaced on the wood floor after 7 days to allow full curing of the product


It’s tempting to try to deep clean the wood floors yourself. Unfortunately, this is a labor intensive, back-breaking process, especially without the right equipment and the correct training. Additionally, most in-store wood cleaning products are ineffective or can actually cause more problems down the road!


Refinishing your wood floors is dirty, dusty and expensive. Don’t refinish your wood floors, renew and revitalize them instead. Our in-depth residential wood floor renewing process will leave your wood floors rejuvenated, revived and restored at a fraction of the cost of refinishing.


Call us today for a free estimate for having your wood floors renewed. We look forward to serving you and bringing significant ease to your life!

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