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Americans sometimes get a bad rap as travelers because of their inability to speak other languages. But
there are many exciting places to visit that are incredibly accessible to those of us who only speak

According to Forbes magazine, Europe offers many options. Amsterdam is one of their first
recommendations. It’s easy to fly into and small enough to traverse quickly with plenty of beautiful sights
along the way. About 90% of Amsterdam’s population can carry on a conversation in English.

If flight time is not an issue, New Zealand also ranks highly. According to Travel and Leisure this unique
country offers breathtaking views, untouched wilderness, and a rich history to explore.

Although the accents and local dialect might seem strange, everyone there speaks English and the
community is welcoming of foreigners interested in their country. When making plans to visit the island,
don’t forget that the seasons are the opposite from North America – winter starts in June!

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