“I am writing to tell you what a delight it is to work with Bluegreen, and its staff. We have been using Bluegreen for several years on our rugs, and all our carpets. The results have been outstanding, despite giving your technicians quite a workout, ranging from pet “problems” to spilled red wine. Same great service we have come to expect after several years of working with Bluegreen! We are well pleased and just referred a friend!

I specifically want to tell you that it has been a joy setting up appointments with the Office Manager (it feels like we’re old friends), and the professionalism and skills of your technician cannot be beat. Right this minute, the technician is working, for the third time, on a wine stain and a varnish stain. He does this with great cheer and optimism, all the while dealing with our too enthusiastic dog. On top of all this, I also have learned a great deal from him about carpeting, rugs, wood floors and cleaning. It has been fun.

We plan on being life-long Bluegreen customers, and will recommend Bluegreen every chance we get.“

– Judy Olingy, Middleton, WI;  March 2017

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