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“I called for an emergency service for my dear friend and neighbor. Sam answered my call and was unbelievably helpful and supportive to my neighbor’s needs. He took the extra time to make certain to provide the service that was needed and extra conversation in supporting the situation. I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed and thankful I was to call Bluegreen. He gave me complete faith and trust in them just by the phone call. The technician who came to the site for cleaning confirmed that I had made the right choice. He called ahead, was prompt, ever so friendly and he too said how he loved working for Bluegreen and that they treat their employees well. If the employees have faith in their employer how can you not. The technician did a great job, was efficient, effective and professional. Very supportive and helpful to all. I will not hesitate to call or recommend Bluegreen when needed. Service, security and results of incredible value.“

— Stacie Dagen, Brookfield, WI; January 12, 2016

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