Causes and Cures for Household Dust

While you are unlikely to run around your house in an apron happily swiping at dust with a quaint feather duster, you probably do have to worry about dust removal. In fact, Americans spend over $10 billion a year on dust removal products. Add in vacuum cleaners, air filters, furnace filters and so forth and [...]

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Understanding Your Carpet and How to Solve Problems

When selecting carpet, choosing the right color is often the most difficult part of the process. Most people make relatively neutral choices, picking colors such as beige, taupe, gray and even off white because they blend well with just about any decor. Yet, carpets in bold colors like burgundy, deep, rich browns, regal blues and [...]

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Maintaining Carpets Keeps Your Family Healthy

A United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study revealed that carpet actually helps to clean out air in our homes and offices. The carpet acts as a filter, trapping soils, gasses and pollutants such as pet and human dander, pollen, and even air pollution. This is great news since nearly every home in America has [...]

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What do Those Codes on Furniture Tags Really Mean?

Look under the cushions of a typical piece of upholstered furniture and you will usually find a fabric care tag. This tag should include an indication of the recommended procedures for maintenance and routine cleaning of that particular piece of furniture. Part of the tag will likely assure you that all new materials were used; [...]

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Is it okay for me to use those miracle stain removers I see on TV?

Whether you watch television during daytime talk shows, in the middle of prime time, or during a fit of insomnia at 2 am, you simply can’t avoid them. There is a variety of commercials and infomercials trying to convince you that some liquid in the bottle will magically remove any spot or stain you have [...]

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Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise with Carpet

Carpet is a great way to decorate because of the textures, colors and patterns available. It looks good, but it also provides a variety of benefits. Carpet insulates, typically resulting in 10% or more in energy savings. Carpet absorbs sound, making a house quieter and more relaxing. And of course carpet is safer, reducing the [...]

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Is it too Soon to Clean my New Carpet?

If you purchased new carpet within the last year or two you may be wondering when the time is to start having it professionally cleaned. Often times a salesperson at the carpet store will tell you to wait as long as possible before you have your new carpet professionally cleaned; that cleaning your carpet will [...]

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What To Do When You Experience Flood & Water Damage

At Blue Green Floor care, we understand the stress and inconvenience associated with flood & water damage in the home or office. It is an overwhelming sight when you see water invading your space, threatening to ruin your furniture and belongings. It is important to understand that when you experience a water emergency, calling a [...]

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How Does Stain-Resistant Carpet Work?

Consumers have become quite demanding. We expect that the things we buy and use will last a long time, work properly and outlive the warranty. Our high expectations extend straight down to our carpets. We expect them to resist staining and look new for many years. Fortunately, with modern stain-resistant applications, we can get years [...]

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What To Do After Spilling Red Wine On Carpet

For those who have white carpet in their home, the threat of a red wine spill is always lurking. It only takes one abrupt movement and your floor can become a canvas of crimson. We've all watched it happen -- the glass of red wine falls in slow motion toward the winter white carpet as [...]

2017-05-25T15:02:08+00:00 May 22nd, 2017|Carpet, Newsletter Articles|

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